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1979 50 Zloty Polish Rulers Series - Duke Mieszko I

1979 50 Zloty Polish Rulers Series - Duke Mieszko I

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Mieszko I ([ˈmʲɛʂkɔ ˈpʲɛrfʂɨ] (listen); c. 930 – 25 May 992)[1] was the ruler of Poland[2] from about 960 to his death and was the founder of the first independent Polish state, the Duchy of Poland.[3] He was a member of the Piast dynasty, a son of Siemomysł and a grandson of Lestek. He was the father of Bolesław I the Brave (the first crowned king of Poland) and of Gunhild of Wenden.[4] Most sources make Mieszko I the father of Sigrid the Haughty, a Scandinavian queen (though one source identifies her father as Skoglar Toste), the grandfather of Canute the Great (Gundhild's son) and the great-grandfather of Gunhilda of Denmark, Canute the Great's daughter and wife of Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor.

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