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1936-1939 Silver 2 Reichsmark

1936-1939 Silver 2 Reichsmark

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In 1933, a handshake between Adolf Hitler and Paul von Hindenburg sealed the Nazi Party’s rise to power. Though he personally disliked Hitler and did not approve of his politics, Hindenburg was the man who made Hitler Chancellor of Germany. A field marshal during World War I and the second president of the Weimar Republic from 1925 to 1934, Hindenburg’s presidential terms were wracked by political instability and economic depression. Dying of lung cancer and needing to appoint a successor, Hindenburg was assured that there were safeguards in place to prevent Nazi party members from assuming control despite the Nazis holding a majority in the Reichstag. The deal was made in 1933 and Hindenburg died a year later. With him died the last remaining check to Hitler’s power. As they say, the rest is history.



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