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1906 - 1911 Meiji Sunburst Japanese Coin

1906 - 1911 Meiji Sunburst Japanese Coin

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Production continued as the price of silver bullion remained steady throughout the rest of the century. This changed when silver bullion began to rise sharply in 1903 (year 36) which threatened to exceed the face value of the twenty sen coin.[18][27] An amendment to the "currency law" was promulgated in March 1906 which lowered their size from 22.42mm to 20.3mm, and their weight from 5.4g to 4.1 grams.[27][28] The third and final design used on these smaller coins is called rising sun 20 sen (旭日20銭銀貨, Asahi Nijusen) as a sunburst design on the reverse was restored.[27] The wreath design previously used on the back side of the dragon coins was adopted for the obverse. Twenty sen coins were produced afterwards until 1911 (year 44), concluding the circulating portion of the series.

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