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Why? I Don't Know Why but Zimbabwe Currency Is Going Up In Value

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

I just spoke with my supplier and I was shocked. This supplier supplies me with Zimbabwe bills. He said that the prices are going up like crazy, I scoffed at him thinking it's another shakedown. But after some research I saw that the prices of these things is not only going up but skyrocketing.

Here are an image from Africa when these things circulated

Looks like he should have kept the barrel of paper instead of buying bread, at current prices he could possibly be a millionaire---if he finds the right buyer.

BTW, People would spend hours counting these.

My theory is that most of these bills where destroyed, as I remember hyperinflation of my country of Ukraine. Wind would blow in devalued currency into your yard like fall leaves. As demand for these notes for gag gifts grew so did supply dry up.

Hey buddy by any chance want some greenbacks for your some bills on your sign. You be the judge whats more worthless.

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