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Collecting Military Bad Guys---- Third Reich Memorabilia

Back in middle school I read a wonderful book called "Band of Brothers". It was about USA soldiers fighting Nazis and finally looting Hitler's compounds for loot and keepsakes. While I was reading the book I wanted to be there taking part in stealing stuff from the most evil people that ever lived. If you are looking for some WW2 German stuff I have bad news. Some fakes are indistinguishable from originals. But Here are some places you can start.

Join this forum and ask them around. Learn from the community

After you learned how to tell from fakes you can try to source items from these following cites.

Auction site

This is a good source


In USA you can legally buy any firearm. One thing that Chinese and Polish fakes cant copy is functional firearms. You are pretty much guaranteed a real WW2 And functional Luger if you buy it in USA.

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